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We assemble racks of all kinds, thanks to which you may keep your warehouse tidy and improve work in the company.

We have been gaining experience in assembling all kinds of racks continuously since 1995. We operate on the European Union market with qualified staff and professional assembly equipment.

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We believe that a well-organized warehouse brings profits to the entire company.

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We provide what is important to us and our clients, that is: precision in assembly, disassembly and servicing of warehouse racks of all types: high bay pallet racks, Radio shuttle, Pushback, drive-in racks, flow racks, shelves, two-level racks, mezzanines and more.

Our assemblers are professionals with many years of experience, who are constantly and comprehensively trained. Our employees are the company’s most important asset, because the quality of our services depends on them.
Our portfolio includes also numerous successful warehouse removals. We provide consulting services where we help provide and deliver the most modern rack accessories.

Our assemblers provide highest standard services, no matter where they work. They are professionals with many years of experience who are constantly and comprehensively trained. Equipped with modern assembly tools and prepared to work in extreme conditions, they can work even in cold stores at -30°C!