If you are looking for a company that will comprehensively implement the warehouse rack assembly service, you are in good hands! We have been gathering experience and precision in the assembly of racks in Poland and throughout Europe since 1995. We have qualified staff and professional assembly equipment at our disposal.

Our offer

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We offer modern solutions aimed at increasing safety in your warehouse. In our activities, we put emphasis on professionalism and individual approach to our clients.
In our offer you will find the following services:

W naszej ofercie znajdziecie Państwo następujące usługi:

Self-supporting warehouses (SILO)


Pallet racks

Push-back racks

Radioshuttle racks

Drive-in racks

Automatic shelving

Cantilever racks

Store shelves

Rack accessories

Warehouse rack service:

  • Replacement of the damaged elements of the rack structure,
  • Removal of corrosion from the elements of the rack structure,
  • Painting the rack structure,
  • Replacement of damages and removal of irregularities in the rack elements,
  • Measuring deviation of the above-mentioned poles from the vertical,
  • Preparing documentation confirming the repair of elements.

Storage mezzanines:

  • Assembly of mezzanines
  • Disassembly of mezzanines

Guiding rails:

  • Assembly of guiding rails
  • Disasembly of guiding rails

In our offer you will also find:

  • Sale of warehouse racks (new and used)
  • Assembly of all kinds of steel structures
  • Comprehensive warehouse removals

We provide:

  • Qualified staff of specialists
  • Completion of work throughout the country and the European Union
  • Competitive prices

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