Our Offer


Our Offer

We offer what is important for us and our clients and that means: Precision in installation, disassembly, and maintenance of all kinds of storage racks: high storage Radioshuttle and Pushback pallet racks, drive-in, roller racks, shelve racks, mezzanine racks and all other types of racks made from materials provided by the client and according to his design.

The highest of the warehouse racks that we assembled were those we assembled for Jysk (40 metres high), for other clients we usually install racks from 8 to 12 metres high. During installation of large and high racks we use lifts and scissor platforms. To install racks we use professional equipment.

Quality of installation confirmed by lack of any complaints throughout all of the Company’s history. Our assemblers are professionals with many years of experience, and they have been continuously and broadly trained. We believe our people to be the most important asset since they provide the quality of our service.

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