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About Us

The RTC Racks Assemblers is a professional contractor specialized in assembling all kinds of high storage racks from materials provided by the client.

Our motto is precision, quality and being on time. We have been working since 1995 and have a lot of experience gained while working with the largest of warehousing solutions suppliers in Europe.

Our people are high class professionals provided with modern installation equipment and trained to work in extreme conditions (e.g. in refrigeration plants in a temperature of minus 30 °C). Those people know what to do, wherever they work.

Our company operates in Polish market as well as in Europe since we have a permit to work in Germany and other Member States. So far we have worked in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal.

RTC  Tel. / Fax: Tel. kom.: rtc.office@rtc-regaly.com
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